Projects by Country

It is a Social Product

Which gives the possibility of contributing to projects in which we believe.

One donation for every bottle

To help defend the human rights of the LGTBI community


The Project

For each bottle of TRUE COLOURS Cava sold in Spain, the LGTB State Federation will receive 50 cents for their work in favor of the rights of the LGTBI community.
TRUE COLOURS Cava is an international project that was born in February 2017 in Sweden by the Regnsbågfonden (Rainbow Foundation) and is being implemented in other countries. In June 2017 Spain is the third after Sweden and Finland.


The State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals is a space of coordination and exchange for the LGTBI movement in Spain. 50 associations compose and cover the actions in all areas and the territory of Spain.


More than a cava, TRUE COLOURS Cava is a declaration of intentions in defense of the rights of the collective LGTBI, with a social side for the Rainbow community.

In Madrid it is distributed by DELGADO SELECCION: a leading company in the gourmet business, that creates gourmet moments around delicacies.

In Cataluña and Baleares we count on SELFOODS for distribution, a fine wines and cava distributing company with a wide experience in both the on- and off-trade markets.
SELFOODS has signed an agreement with ACEGAL to participate at the PRIDE BARCELONA 2018.
We are looking for more distributors Spain, so toasting to a more tolerant word can be done with TRUE COLOURS Cava in more Spanish towns.


The donations received by TRUE COLOURS Cava will be dedicated to activities related to education and health. Deloitte will audit that the funds reach their destination:

– RED EDUCA: aims to report on affective-sexual diversity and prevent situations of conflict and harassment in classrooms derived from sexual orientation or gender identity of students, because diversity training is the best way to prevent bullying.


  • 989 people served in 2015
  • 29 safe sex workshops
  • 29 HIV awareness actions
  • Production of a guide on viral hepatitis

– PREVETRANS: VIH prevention among trans female sex workers

– POSITIVOS 2.0: online emotional support for gay and bisexual youths under 30 years of age with recent VIH diagnosis