Proyectos por países

It is a Social Product

Which gives the possibility of contributing to projects in which we believe.

One donation for every bottle

To help defend the human rights of the LGTBI community



On Sunday the 28th January 2018 True Colours Cava, was presented in Amsterdam for the first time in the Netherlands. The COC staged the 10th edition of the True Colors Festival at the Paradiso Hall and Tania Ineke, President of the COC, presented the product to all the friends and general public there. COC will be the organization getting the donation per bottle to fund projects benefiting the LGTBI community in the NEDERLANDS, through the projects organized by the Angelo Bob Fonds.

True Colours Cava is a registered mark by ALTIA Plc. It will be imported in the NEDERLANDS by United Drinks and distributed with exclusivity by the company VAN SPAANDONK.

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COC Netherlands has been advocating the rights of lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT’s) from 1946 on. COC strives for the decriminalization of sexual orientation and gender identity and for equal rights, emancipation and social acceptance of LGBT’s in the Netherlands and all over the world.

COC is one of the few LGBT organizations that has a special consultative status with the United Nations. COC Netherlands is a federation that consists of 21 local associations. So, wherever you live in the Netherlands, there’s always a COC in the neighborhood. In this organitation we are convinced that we accomplish so much more when LGBT’s and straight people act together the fight for emancipation, social acceptance and equal rights.


The trademark “True Colours” is a registred trademark of Altia Plc, Helsinki, Finland. ALTIAGROUP. ALTIA is a leading company of quality wines and spirits in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. ALTIA produces, distributes, imports and sells alcoholic beverages. Corporate and social responsibility is very important for ALTIA which is committed to a responsible way of drinking within the Nordic culture. TRUE COLOURS Cava Brut was born as a new and exciting project because, in addition to quality wine, it offers the opportunity to support a well-loved organization in Sweden: Regnbågsfonden, as well as organizations with similar purposes in the rest of the world.