Proyectos por países

It is a Social Product

Which gives the possibility of contributing to projects in which we believe.

One donation for every bottle

To help defend the human rights of the LGTBI community



TRUE COLOURS Cava was launched in Finland in mid-February, just in time to celebrate the approval of same-sex marriages, which are legal since March 1, 2017. On the same day the adoption right was approved for these marriages (De facto unions are legal since 2002)

Finnish legislation prohibits mention of donations on alcoholic beverage labels, but Altia has supported some events in Finland, such as the Drag Queen Battle in Helsinki and the Rainbow Festival at the University of Helsinki. More donations and activities will take place throughout 2017.

TRUE COLOURS Cava has had a very good reception in the Alko assortment and has gone from being in pre-order to being as a fixed supplier in all the monopoly stores.

Article Nr: 928427, retail price: 11,99 EUR


Regnbågsfonden was born in 2014 by Jonas Gardell, Jon Voss and Arto Winter. It was created to raise funds to help LGBTI organizations around the world, as well as individuals in countries where LGBTI people are persecuted and harassed by authorities, police, or religious institutions.


ALTIA is a leading company of quality wines and spirits in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. ALTIA produces, distributes, imports and sells alcoholic beverages. Corporate and social responsibility is very important for ALTIA which is committed to a responsible way of drinking within the Nordic culture. TRUE COLOURS Cava Brut was born as a new and exciting project because, in addition to quality wine, it offers the opportunity to support a well-loved organization in Sweden: Regnbågsfonden


Moscow Community Center for LGBT initiatives.

Rainbow House (HOR) in collaboration with Jide Macaulays in 3 countries of Africa: Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa.

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), with Frank Mugisha.